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Accident Policy ?

Safety is always a paramount concern. However accidents do occur. An accident at home could be simply broken glass or a gas cylinder burst.

Individual Personal Accident Policy is one of the key security measures to undertake for providing financial security incase of a injurious accident.

It ensures that one's family does not suffer in event of an accident by providing compensation for accidental death or disablement.

Key Benefits

•   The Individual Personal Accident Policy covers you against risks of accidents.

•   It not only provides compensation to the family in case of the accidental death of the insured but also takes on     the onus of providing the insured with compensation in case of injury, whether temporary or permanent.

•   The sum insured increases by 5% for each completed claim-free year of insurance, subject to a maximum of      a 50% increase.

•   This policy can also be expanded to cover actual medical expenses arising out of the accident

Policy Coverage

Individual Personal Accident Policy will cover you against:

•   Accidental Death – On the accidental death of the insured person, Insurance Company will pay the family the     capital sum insured.

•    Permanent Total Disability – In the event of permanent total disability due to an accident, Insurance Company      will also pay the capital sum insured.

•   Permanent Partial Disability – In case of a partial disability due to an accident, a specified percentage of the
    sum insured will be paid.

•   Temporary Total Disability – If you are totally disabled by an accident for a limited period of time, the policy        will pay you 1% of the capital sum insured per week, not exceeding Rs 5,000 per week.

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