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Why Insurance

A Life Policy is just a time yellowed piece of paper with columns of figures and legal phrases until it is baptised with a widow’s tears. Then it is the modern miracle, and Aladin’s Lamp. It is Food, Clothing, Shelter, Education, Peace of Mind, Comfort,Undying Love and Affection. It is the sincerest love letter ever written.
It quietens the hungry crying of a baby at night. It eases the aching heart of the bereaved widow.

It is a comforting whisper in the dark, silent hours of the night. It is new hope, fresh courage and strength for the mother to pick up the broken threads of life and carry on. It is a college education of the son and daughter, the chance for a career instead of a need for a job.

It is comforting presence, a helping hand, a softly breathed word of comfort and cheer when needed most. It is the undying, unfailing love and affection. It is fruition of a father’s hope and plans for his family’s future. Through Life Insurance he lives on, there is no death, Life Insurance is a plan that Exalts Life and Defeats Death. It is the premium that we pay for the privilege of living after death.


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